Wonder Foods Wonder Whey Protein Powder - 3kg

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Low allergenic and tasty. Wonder Foods Wonder Whey Protein Powder is easily digested and rich in amino acids, fibre, nutrients and mineral electrolytes to provide you with an energy and protein boost.

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Wonder Whey Protein Powder's formula blends whey with coconut oil, natural gums, vitamins and minerals and promotes the slow release of carbohydrates for better assimilation and sustained energy levels. It is well tolerated by those with lactose and milk intolerance.

Wonder Whey contains high levels of calcium and potassium, which help maintain healthy muscular and nerve function, especially important for those following an exercise routine or subject to heat and high perspiration.

Wonder Whey Protein Powder is suitable for the whole family and can be used in baking as a milk substitute, stirred into soups, or sprinkled over cereal. It can be mixed into coffee or hot chocolate or simply mixed with water.

Product Directions

Mix 50g (1/3 cup) of Wonder Whey Protein Powder to 500ml of cold water and blend well. Wonder Whey drink can be chilled for a few hours for a better taste.