Weleda Baby Calendula Oil Fragrance-free - 200mL


This product is no longer available for sale and is listed for reference purposes only. ()

Weleda Calendula Oil is now available in a new fragrance-free formula. Nourishing and gentle, it is ideal for daily skincare and has a multitude of uses.

Benefits of the Weleda Baby Calendula Oil Fragrance-free:
  • All natural with 100% organic ingredients
  • Comforting and soothing, helps prevent soreness or irritation
  • Protects dry and sensitive skin and keeps it soft
  • Dermatologically proven to be very skin-friendly
  • Can be used to gently cleanse the nappy area
  • Warming and nourishing, ideal for a gentle baby massage
  • Can be added to bath water to combat dry skin
  • Useful for softening cradle cap


Keep the cap and nozzle clean and close the bottle after each use.

The Weleda Calendula body care range has been designed specifically for babies and children and also includes a Lotion, Oiland Weather Protection Cream.

Product Directions

  • For daily care: distribute a small amount of Baby Calendula Fragrance-free Oil between hands and apply gently after washing or bathing.
  • For cleaning: apply a few drops on a cotton pad or wool, taking special care of skin folds.
  • For baby massage: warm a little Calendula Fragrance-free oil between the hands and massage gently.
  • For cradle cap: soften with a little oil and remove with a comb.
  • For dry skin: add a few drops of Calendula Oil to bath water.