Weleda Arnica Cream 36mL


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Officially the strongest Arnica Cream available in New Zealand, Weleda's Arnica Cream is formulated using only the purest natural and organic ingredients.

Providing rapid and effective relief for backache, sprains, bruises and muscle ache, Weleda's Arnica cream is made from only pure essential oils of lemon, silver fir, rosemary, sage and orange.

Weleda's special Arnica Cream formulation works in concert with the inherent anti-inflammatory properties of arnica to reduce pain and inflammation whilst greatly accelerating the body's natural healing processes.

Simply apply directly to the site of a tissue injury to aid in the prevention of further bruising. Weleda's 100% natural, non-greasy Arnica Cream is absorbed rapidly into the skin and is made from a time-tested beeswax base with added pure vegetable oils


Active Ingredients

Each 1g contains: Tincture equiv. dry: Arnica montana, flower 27mg; Arnica montana, root 3mg; Oil extract, equiv. dry: Arnica montana, flower 20mg; and essential oils: Abies pectinata, leaf (Silver fir) Oil 600mcg; Lemon Oil Distilled 2mg; Orange Oil 1mg; Rosemary Oil 2.1mg; Sage Oil Spanish 300mcg; in a base containing natural vegetable oils and beeswax. Contains ethanol.


Boost the Arnica Cream's efficacy by taking Arnica Oral Spray, Dropsor Pilulesinternally.

Weleda's range of natural pain relief and first aid creams also includes the Hypercal Cream, Rash Relief Creamand Burns and Bites Cooling Gel.

Product Directions

Adult/Children: Gently massage a small amount into the affected area, three to four times daily in the acute stage and twice daily as the condition improves, or as directed by your health care professional. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.