Weleda 24h Roll-on Deodorant 50mL - Citrus

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Weleda 24h Roll-On Deodorants provide all day reliable protection from odours without blocking the pores. They are pleasantly scented with pure essential oils.

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Weleda 24h Roll-on Deodorants are free from aluminium salts: they maintain the skin's own regulating functions and don't block perspiration. They absorb very quickly, leaving no residual stickiness or dampness.

Dermalogically-tested and proven, they are formulated with scent-abxorbing zinc oxide, antimicrobial licorice root extract and witch hazel. All natural essential oils kill bacteria and inhibit its growth.

Weleda Roll-on Deodorants are Natrue certified and free from synthetic ingredients and raw materials derived from mineral oils.

They come in two scents:

Citrus: naturally fresh with a lemon top note, litsea cubeba and petitgrain for a soft and spicy floral fragrance.

Men: a woody herbal rosemary top note, with litsea cubeba and vetiver for an invigorating and fresh refined masculine scent.