The Oil Garden Tangerine Pure Essential Oil - 12mL

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Essential oil of Tangerine is commonly used to soothe the nervous system and shares many of the properties of Orange.

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Tangerine also has a tonic action on the digestive system and powerful decongestant properties, and is very helpful to balance acne-prone and oily complexions. Tangerine can help increase circulation and reduce fluid retention. Its soft aroma promotes tranquility.

Tangerine blends well with Bergamot, Clary Sage, Clove, Lavenderand Neroli.

Product Directions

  • To help relieve stress, nervous tension and insomnia: massage into shoulders, neck, back or feet*, bathe*, or vaporise.
  • To assist in digestion: massage stomach area in a clockwise direction*.

*Recommended Dilution Ratio for Essential Oils:
Determine the age of the person the blend is for before measuring number of drops in carrier oil or base cream.

Age Face Body
Infant 2-5 years 1 drop 1 drop
Child 6-12 years, Elderly 1 drop 3 drops
Adult 13 years and above 3 drops 6 drops
Pregnancy 1 drop 1 drop

Dilution ratio is per 10ml of carrier oil or base cream.
Some essential oils are contra-indicated for pregnancy: always seek medical advice when pregnant.
Always read precautions on box or leaflet before using essential oils.