Tanita BC-545N Segmental Body Composition Scale


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The Tanita BC-545N Segmental Body Composition Scale is an essential tool for those wanting to observe precisely the effects of diet and exercise routines on their body, and help them feel and stay their healthiest.

The Tanita BC-545N calculates its readings by sending a small safe electrical signal through the platform’s foot sensors and hand-held grips. The signal is so small it is entirely painless and isn’t felt by the user. This signal returns a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA): based on how much resistance was encountered by the signal through the user’s body, the BC-545N can determine muscle mass, body fat and other set indicators.

Easy to use

The Tanita BC-545N looks and functions very much like traditional bathroom scales - before stepping on the platform, you simply input your gender, age and height. The BIA and other measurements including muscles mass, bone mass, body fat and body water percentage are analysed against the data you’ve entered, returning a comprehensive reading of current health and fitness on a high-resolution colour display.

Segmental analysis

A recent Tanita innovation, the hand-held grips give even more accurate measurements for various body parts, giving 5 separate readings (for arms, legs and trunk) as well as a whole body reading. This new feature is especially useful when tracking injury recovery, or monitoring changes associated with targeted athletic training or weight-loss.

What is measured?

  • Total weight (in increments of 0.1kg)
  • Body fat percentage (subcutaneous body fat calculated in increments of 0.1% and a healthy range indicator for adult users)
  • Total body water percentage
  • Physique rating (scale of 1-9: the balance between muscle and fat)
  • Visceral fat (abdominal or ‘dangerous’ fat)
  • Muscle mass (lean weight)
  • Bone mass (indicator of bone health)
  • Basal metabolic rate (minimum calorie needs)

Tracking your results

The calendar function in the BC-545N stores whole body and segmental results over a 12 months period and lets you choose between a weekly or fortnightly view to look at your progress. The interface is clear and user-friendly, with easy-to-read analytical graphics so you can understand your results at a glance.

Modes and memory

The BC-545N comes with an athlete mode as well as a guest mode.

The BC-545N has a 5 person memory, and its Auto-Recognition function allows each user to step on the monitor for a reading, without having to press any buttons!

The Tanita BC-545N is the perfect tool to track progress, understand and visualise the impact of training and diet on the body or body parts you want to give special focus to. It will help you along the way to ultimately achieve your personal weight and fitness goals!


  • Helps measure progress towards fitness and lifestyle goals
  • Tracks 10 indicators of overall health
  • Comprehensive reading within seconds
  • Segmental analysis gives targeted results
  • High-resolution colour display
  • Calendar function
  • 5 person memory
  • Auto-recognition function
  • Athlete and guest modes
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • 150kg capacity

Download the BC-545N Instruction Manual here.

Model BC-545N
Brand Tanita
Barcode 797142449568
Power 60 mA maximum
Power supply AA-size batteries (4)
Measuring current 50 kHz, 100 μA
Weight capacity 150 kg
Weight increments 0.1 kg
Body fat increments 0.1%
Personal data 5 memories
Guest mode Yes
Material Polycarbonate
Certifications ISO 9001
What's in the box Body Composition Monitor | 4 x AA batteries | User Manual

5 year warranty (supported by a warranty and repair centre located in Western Australia, Australia).