Sun Chlorella Wakasa - 1L


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Sun Chlorella's Wakasa Growth Factor (CGF) is 132% more concentrated than chlorella tablets alone - helping your body regenerate at the cellular level to fundamentally improve your health.

Containing no artificial preservatives, Sun Chlorella Wakasa has a subtly sweet flavor that can be easily added to juice, tea, water or smoothies. Brimming with nucleic acids, amino acids, beta glucans, peptides, polysaccharides and other special nutrients, it is a powerful companion to optimum health, while also promoting alertness and strength.

Chlorella Growth Factor - CGF

CGF is a shorthand term used to collectively refer to the the mollecules identified in research as the key factor in chlorella's powerful reproductive ability. "Chlorella Growth Factor" is a general term used to refer to the myriad of beneficial molecules present in a variety of different organisms that aid healthy cell reproduction.

The human body is in a perpetual state of renewal. Skin cells are replaced every 14 days, red blood cells every 120 days, the liver every 11-12 months, and the entire skeletal system over a longer period of 10 years. Much of the body's cellular activity is focused on these changes and thus requires a steady source of healthy "building blocks" to complete its task

Ideally take Sun Wakasa Gold Plus as part of a regimen with Sun Chlorella tablets. Sun Wakasa Gold Plus provides concentrated CGF. But it does not contain all the nutrition found in the rest of the chlorella algae, like chlorophyll and special detoxifying fiber.