Ross Gardiner TeloCel 100ml


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Ross Gardiner TeloCel supports healthy and normal cell and telomere function with a plant-derived formula rich in essential nutrients.

TeloCel is a protein-rich supplement that can help our body’s trillions of cells maintain normal function.

Nutritional support for telomeres

Australian scientist Elizabeth Blackburn was jointly awarded a Nobel Prize in 2009 for her team’s work into understanding cellular health. Their research looked at telomeres, the caps on the end of chromosomes that preserve and protect genetic data.

Elizabeth Blackburn’s team discovered a correlation between a cell’s health and its ability to divide normally with the length of its telomeres. The enzyme ‘telomerase’ is essential to telomeres’ health.

Although there isn’t a single cause for cellular deterioration and ageing, there are basic positive contributors to healthy and normal cell function, including regular exercise and adequate protein-based nutrition.


  • Blend of functional foods essential to a well-balanced diet
  • Formulated with 100% plant-derived amino acids
  • Contains full-spectrum minerals, trace elements, herbs and vitamins


Purified Water, Vegetable Sourced Amino Acid Concentrate, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Sea Mineral Concentrate, Astragalus, Korean Ginseng, Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba, Coleus Forskohlii, Lycium Barbarum, Calcium Ascorbate, Zinc Sulphate, Magnesium Chloride, Vegetable Glycerol, Natural Berry Concentrate


  • Take 1 to 5mL (one teaspoon) daily with food
  • Use only as directed
  • Always read the label