PAW OsteoSupport Joint Care Dogs - 150c


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PAW OsteoSupport Joint Care Dogs is a clinically-proven and highly concentrated supplement that provides relief to dogs with arthritis symptoms.

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PAW OsteoSupport Joint Care Dogs is a great source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids for joint pain relief.

Clinically-proven results

In a trial involving 111 dogs and cats:

  • Improved mobility was reported by 80% of owners in less than 3 weeks
  • Happier pets enjoying a higher quality of life reported by 80% of owners
  • 98% of owners reported OsteoSupport is easy to give, sprinkled on food or as a treat
  • 98% of owners reported it is highly palatable

Useful for:

  • Dogs that display the clinical signs of arthritis: reluctance to rise, lameness, reduced mobility
  • Dogs that have slowed down with age
  • Dogs taking pharmaceutical pain relief (ex: NSAIDS)


  • Dogs up to 25kg: 1 capsule daily
  • Dogs over 25 kg: 2 capsules daily

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  • Green lipped mussel powder manufactured at low temperatures to ensure potency
  • Comes in a measured capsule and is easy to give
  • Naturally rich in Chondroitin 6 Sulfate, involved in cartilage production
  • Low cost: the daily dose for small dogs starts at 50 cents
  • Up to 6 times more effective at reducing inflammation than glucosamine


500mg Perna128® green lipped mussel powder (in a two piece gelatin capsule)