OxyMin MSM - 1kg


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Often referred to as ‘organic' or 'biological sulfur', MSM stands for Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane and is a natural form of sulfur found in the body’s tissues and fluids, as well as all living organisms.

OxyMin® MSM can be used to supplement our bodies with needed sulfur missing from our food.

MSM is found in milk, most fresh fruits and vegetables, and some grains. It is however easily destroyed during cooking, storing and processing. A valuable supplement, especially for vegetarians as they may have a shortage of sulfur in their diets.

Organically Derived:

OxyMin® MSM is derived from trees using Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO), a by-product of the manufacture of paper. To create pure organic MSM, DMSO in liquid form is boiled, oxidised and cools into its final micro-crystalline form.

MSM has grown in popularity as a dietary supplement because of extensive research on DMSO. MSM is a stable metabolite of DMSO, and provides a very efficient and odourless method for supplementing the body in sulfur.

Quality and purity:

  • 100% pure pharmaceutical-grade MSM micro-crystalline powder
  • Excellent solubility, does not contain any fillers or flowing agents
  • Every batch of raw material is tested for organic volatile impurities and heavy metals including mercury, arsenic and lead

Secure packaging:

OxyMin® MSM is packed in Australia by a approved facility approved by Australian Quarantine (AQIS), with the most stringent hygiene standards and microtesting after packaging for certain conditions, such as salmonella.

The tamper-proof airtight packaging ensures the preservation of the active ingredients.