OxyMin Gold (Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals) 500ml


This product is no longer available for sale and is listed for reference purposes only. ()

OxyMin® Gold is a full spectrum organic plant-derived mineral supplement. It is mined from humic shale in Utah and extracted using pure and clean water to maintain the minerals’ natural balance.

OxyMin® Gold is one of the most concentrated mineral supplements available on the market today.

The importance of minerals

Vital nutrients in our food can be destroyed by poor farming methods, processing and storing. Plant-derived colloidal minerals are an easy way to make sure your body absorbs essential nutrients and avoids ‘deficiency diseases'.


  • Almost 100% bioavailable
  • Liquid supplement suitable for the whole family
  • Contains 77 major and trace minerals
  • A natural source of fulvic acid
  • Bottled at a TGA-licensed Australian facility


  • 18 000mg+ of a natural assortment of major and trace minerals per 500mL
  • Dosage: 5mL per 35kg of body weight, diluted in water or juice
  • OxyMin Gold is best taken with meals once or twice a day