MicrOrganics Green Nutritionals Yaeyama Pacifica Chlorella - 1000t


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Yaeyama Chlorella is a unique strain grown on Ishigaki Island, improved over forty years to deliver a superior nutritional profile and flavour.

MicrOrganics Green Nutritionals Yaeyama Pacifica Chlorella is an open cell chlorella with very high digestibility.

Superior strain

The Yaeyama chlorella strain is a superior superfood grown in an ideal climate, in an absence of harmful contaminants, clean air and fresh mountain spring water. Chemical analysis has shown no detectable levels of herbicide, lead, mercury and pesticide.

Ishigaki Island is located 1000 km off the mainland, where Yaeyama chlorella is grown outdoors in 45m controlled ponds to receive the benefit of strong tropical sunlight.

Broken wall

Yaeyama Pacifica Chlorella uses a water jet-spray process developed by the grower to open the cell wall, and deliver an outstanding 82% digestibility. This gentle technique delivers a product with potency, purity, and a mild taste.


  • Excellent flavour and nutritional profile
  • 82% digestibility
  • Superior product grown in a pristine unpolluted environment
  • Powerful detoxifying food
  • Packed in LOCTEC packaging to ensure nutritional potency

How to use

Chlorella can be included in your daily diet as tablets or powder (they are equally effective). In powder form it can be added to juice and smoothies, and tablets can be taken with a glass of water.


Yaeyama Chlorella 99.5%, tricalcium phosphate 0.5%


Chlorella is a powerful detoxifying food, so when starting always take a smaller amount for the first week, with an adequate intake of pure water. It is possible some new users may not tolerate chlorella - in the event that you experience stomach upset or nausea, either reduce the amount you are taking or stop taking chlorella completely and seek advice from your healthcare professional. If pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medications, always consult your healthcare professional before starting to take chlorella.

Please note there are some people who cannot tolerate chlorella and experience a strong allergic vomiting reaction after consuming it. This is extremely unusual and only affects a very small percentage of people. For this reason the manufacturer always suggest starting off with a small serve and being cautious on day one and during the first week or so. If you have this sort of strong reaction, stop taking the product, it's not for you. If the vomiting is intense and prolonged, seek medical help to avoid dehydration.