Kuvings SV500 Quiet High Speed Vacuum Blender - Silver


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The Kuvings SV500 Blender combines vacuum technology with a powerful high speed motor to create recipes bursting with freshness, flavour, nutrients and fibre.

The Kuvings SV500 brings impressive innovation to the blender market (read our Kuvings Profile here for more on the brand and its technology).

Vacuum feature

At the push of a button, 250hPa of pressure remove the air within the bowl in less than one minute to create an optimal vacuum environment. Oxidation is reduced during the blending sequence and the results will be more colourful, retain more nutrients and fibre and taste fresher than with an ordinary blender.

Auto-blending function with A.I. sensor

The blender is equipped with an A.I. sensor which gauges each ingredient’s loading capacity in the jug, and calculates the RPM and blending time needed for an optimal result. Once the desired texture is achieved the blender stops automatically.

The unique blending sequence, the vacuum feature as well as the six-pronged blade virtually eliminate the need for a tamper as ingredients move consistently towards the bottom of the jug. You’ll find splashing and ingredients sticking to the side greatly reduced.

Ultra high speed to reduce blending time and friction

The blender’s motor has 3.5 HP (peak) and goes up to 32,000 RPM, which significantly reduces the total blending time. It easily pulverises through any tough ingredients for consistently smooth results, and the shorter blending time ensures more nutrients are preserved.

Multiple safety features for motor protection

The air cooling system circulates heat generated by the motor efficiently to prevent overheating, even when the blender is in use for a long time. The motor’s sensor will trigger in case of overload, blocking the circuit automatically.

A 'double drain’ design provides further protection by preventing food and liquids from touching the motor in case of overflow.

The blender will not start if the jug does not sit perfectly on the base.

Quieter operation

Fit the noise-reduction cover on the blender and enjoy a much quieter environment. Compared to ordinary high-speed blenders, the Kuvings SV500 allows you to carry a conversation while it is in use.

Easy washing with a separable blade

The SV500 has a separable container and blades: you no longer have to struggle to keep the jug and blade assembly perfectly clean, without any out of reach residue. Simply separate them before washing and reassemble just before use.

Extra features:

Choose from one-touch auto-blending or manual control
Auto-blending calculates the RPM and optimal blending time for your ingredients, but you can dial RPMs up or down manually

Eco-friendly BPA-free container
The transparent 1.9L container is made of tritan and allows you to see how ingredients are processed.

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  • Vacuum feature
  • Auto-blending function with artificial intelligence sensor
  • Ultra high speed to reduce blending time and friction
  • Multiple safety features for motor protection
  • Quieter operation
  • Easy washing with a separable blade
Model SV-500
Brand Kuvings
Barcode N/A
Voltage 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Power 1,500 W
Jug Capacity 1.9 L (real capacity 1.5 L)
Motor 3 Horsepower
RPM 2,000~20,000RPM, Max 32,000RPM
Child-safe Features Yes (safety lock structure)
Dimensions 216 x 240 x 443 mm
Weight 6 kg
Materials Tritan (BPA-free)
What's in the box Blender | User Manual

7 Year Warranty (Domestic Use, 2 Year Commercial Use) (supported by a warranty and repair centre located in New South Wales, Australia).