Kuvings EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer - Dark Grey


This product is no longer available for sale and is listed for reference purposes only. ()

The EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer is the latest release from Kuvings, bringing improvements on existing patented technology in a streamlined luxurious design.

The Kuvings EVO820 features upgrades and improvements that give it virtually commercial-grade performance at less than half the price (read our Kuvings Profile here for more on the brand and its technology).

New feeding chute

The EVO820 has the largest feeding chute of all Kuvings Professional models, at 82mm. It cuts down on prep time as you can put even larger ingredients through without the need to chop into very small pieces.

Less cutting of ingredients also minimises air exposure, loss of nutrients loss of juice left on the chopping board. That means less prep time but an increase in yield and nutrients!

Improved drum set

The 5th generation reinforced drum has better expulsive power and durability with a redesigned juice strainer and thicker bowl. The holder shaft (part that holds the auger) has also been redesigned for smoother juicing. The addition of a detachable gear cap at the base of the drum allows for more thorough cleaning and drying.

The drum lid has been upgraded with a fourth assembly lock-in point, so it is attached to the bowl even more securely and adds stability to the whole drum set.

The clamps that attach the drum assembly to the base have been reinforced, to minimise wobbling and wearing out.

240W motor

Kuvings take performance seriously and produce their own motors in-house, to guarantee quality and durability. Kuvings juicers may be powerful but they are also very quiet, a feature that’s rare and appreciated by their customers!

Child-safe flip gate

The new generation feeding tube is fitted with a wider flip gate and only one feeding entrance, for even easier and faster juicing. The flip gate system prevents small hands from entering the feeding tube, so you can let your children help (under supervision of course!) with the juicing process.

The flip gate also makes juicing a lot easier for people with reduced strength (like those suffering from arthritis) as the product does not need to be pushed in, just dropped through the flip gate.

New pulp outlet

The pulp outlet is wider than on previous models and has been opened, to help with pulp ejection and cleaning of fine residue.

Smart features

The power juice cap can be left open or closed while juicing - when closed, it helps mix the juice as it is being pressed, and makes cleaning faster as well.

The simple handle is designed at the base of the unit, to streamline the design and take up less counter space.

The dual safety lock prevents the EVO820 from operating unless the drum set is fully locked into the base, and drum components properly assembled.

The EVO820 also comes with an included device that aids the removal of the lid. Great for those who may otherwise have difficulty with strength or dexterity (such as arthritis sufferers), the device permits easy removal without the use of force.

Spare parts

Spare parts for the Kuvings EVO820 Evolution are available on special order, you can click here to fill out an order request form.


  • 82mm feeding chute
  • Upgraded 5th generation drum
  • Powerful motor
  • O shape flip gate
  • New pulp outlet
Model EVO820
Brand Kuvings
Barcode N/A
Voltage 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Power 240 W
Feeding Chute Size 82 mm
Juicing Bowl Capacity 400 mL
Juice Cap Yes
Motor 240 W built in-house
RPM 52
Child-safe Features Yes (flip-gate, built-in fail safe, long feeding chute)
Dimensions 200 x 239 x 490 mm
Weight 7.1 kg
Decibels N/A
Materials Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC
Maximum Use 1 hour continuous
What's in the box Juicer | Juice Cup | Pulp Cup | Cleaning Brush | Rotational Brush | Lid-removing Device | User Manual

20 Year Warranty Motor (Domestic Use, 5 Year Commercial Use) and 5 Year Warranty Parts and Labour (Domestic Use, 12 Months Commercial Use) (supported by a warranty and repair centre located in New South Wales, Australia).