Kosmea Skin Clinic Rescue Body Cream - 125mL


This product is no longer available for sale and is listed for reference purposes only. ()

Kosmea Skin Clinic™ Rescue Body Cream puts nutrients and moisture back into irritated skin with certified organic extracts and essential nutrients. Its gentle nourishing formula is ideal for every skin emergency as well as daily pampering.

Skin Clinic™ Rescue Body Cream replenishes your skin and encourages cell regeneration while calming irritation and sensitivity.

Rose hip and shea butters feed the skin with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, to repair the oxidative damage created by free radicals. Soybean oil is rich in protein and reinforces your skin's protective barrier. Glycerin softens, while everlasting, chamomile, carrot oil and vitamin E soothe itchy and unbalanced skin.

Keep Skin Clinic™ Rescue Body Cream handy whether you're looking for everyday moisture and protection or a natural fix to your next skin emergency!


  • Apply Skin Clinic™ Rescue Body Cream on freshly-cleansed damp skin, to help the cream absorb quicker and lock moisture in.
  • Skin Clinic™ Rescue Body Cream mixes well with Rescue Balm.

  • For dry, itchy or sensitive skin, mix a few drops of Skin Clinic™ Certified Organic Rose Hip Oiland apply to the affected area.

Product Directions

Apply Skin Clinic™ Rescue Body Cream liberally to the affected area - daily or as needed.

Useful for:

  • After-sun care to rehydrate and nourish the skin
  • Nourishing belly balm during pregnancy to preserve skin's elasticity
  • To minimise the appearance of stretch marks
  • To replenish the skin's moisture during periods of hormonal imbalance or medical treatment
  • To relieve flaky, dry and itchy skin
  • After waxing to ease redness and irritation