Kiwiherb Liver Cleanse - 100mL


This product is no longer available for sale and is listed for reference purposes only. ()

Kiwiherb Liver Cleanse restores the liver by helping rid it of toxins that may have built up due to environmental and lifestyle stresses, and support its digestive functions.

Features of Kiwiherb Liver Cleanse:
  • Certified organic formulation that protects the liver
  • Helps maintain healthy liver and digestive functions
  • Can promote a greater feeling of well being and increase energy levels
  • Antioxidant formula with natural orange flavour


Active Ingredients

Contains liquorice extract and orange oil flavouring:

Milk Thistle (organic)1.02g / 3mL
Dandelion root (organic)510mg / 3mL
Globe Artichoke (organic)285mg / 3mL

Contains a small amount of ethanol.


Liver Cleanse can be diluted in a small amount of juice or water.

Product Directions

For adults: dilute 3-5mL of Liver Clense with water and juice three times per day. If this dose causes nausea (or to follow a Detoxification Programme), start off with a smaller dose:

  • Day 1 to 3: 1-2mL up to 3 times daily
  • Day 4 onwards: 3 - 5mL up to 3 times daily