Kiwiherb Herbal Cough and Chest Syrup - 200mL


This product is no longer available for sale and is listed for reference purposes only. ()

Kiwiherb Herbal Cough and Chest Syrup is a sweet-tasting syrup made to alleviate coughing and to maintain the health of the respiratory tract. It can be used by the entire family from the age of two and up.

Features of Kiwiherb Herbal Cough and Chest Syrup:
  • Manuka Honey gives this syrup a sweet taste
  • TGA-approved
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Certified organic with no artificial flavourings or colourings


Active Ingredients

In a base of organic apple juice concentrate, Manuka honey, and apple cider vinegar with natural flavours of orange and lemon:

Mullein (organic)150mg / 5mL
Elecampane (organic)150mg / 5mL
White Horehound (organic)137.5mg / 5mL
Marshmallow (organic)55mg / 5mL

Contains ethanol and sugars as honey.


The syrup can be taken neat or diluted in a small amount of juice or water.

Product Directions

Adults should take this product with a dosage of between 5-10mL, while children aged 6-12 should take a smaller dosage of between 2-5mL, both up to five times a day.