Ionmax Ion125 Oxylight Ioniser Light Bulb - 15 W (Screw-in)

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Ionising compact fluorescent bulb available in standard Bayonet and Screw fittings.

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Negative ions purify and vitalise indoor air. They promote better breathing health by removing pollutants from the air you breathe. The Ion125 works by emitting powerful negative ions that attach themselves to pollutants and other airborne microscopic particles, neutralising them and making them drop to the floor where they can easily be vacuumed.

Truly fresh air

Negative ions truly freshen the air by oxidising and breaking down odours at a particle level instead of covering them up with a scent as most air fresheners do. The Ion125 creates a brighter interior with significantly cleaner and fresher indoor air!


  • Combines air purification with energy-saving lighting
  • Lasts 10 times longer than average bulbs
  • Doesn't require a special socket and easily replaces all your old globes
  • Removes and neutralises allergens, carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, methane, pollen and dander
Model Ion125
Voltage 220-240 V
Wattage 15 W and 25 W
Weight 140g
Intensity 1500 lumen 60 Imn/W
Temperature 5000K ('natural light') for the 15W, 6500K ('cool daylight') for the 25W
Negative ion output 4 million anions/cm3
Ozone output 0.00102 ppm/cm
Brand Ionmax
Shipping Weight 0.1650kg