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The HG-SBE06 (also referred to as the HG Series) is the slowest juicer in the Hurom range and combines new design improvements with a stunning brushed stainless steel finish.

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Slower than all other Hurom juicers

The HG-SBE06 slowly presses and squeezes fresh ingredients with the same patented SSS extraction system - but its calibrated juicing speed is 45 RPM, nearly half the speed of other Hurom Slow Juicers. This decreases the already low potential for friction, heat, and subsequent loss of precious vitamins, minerals and fibre - yielding a slow-pressed juice of even higher quality, nutritional density and flavour.

More juice, pulp-processing improvements

The HG-SBE06’s larger juice bowl boasts more efficient separation between juice and pulp thanks to its redesigned silicone wiper blades and the placement of its motor’s star-shaped gear at the back of the bowl. These changes ensure smooth continuous juicing and minimal pulp presence in the juice.

Two Ultem juicing screens (fine for hard fruit and veg, coarse for soft fruit and citrus) ensure you get maximum yield from your fresh ingredients each time you juice.


The HG-SBE06 juicer is designed with BPA-free parts - your whole family can enjoy cold-pressed healthy juice with peace of mind!

Juice outlet cap

The bowl of the HG-SBE06 is equipped with a juice outlet - it can be left open during use to dispense juice straight into a glass or jug, or closed to let the bowl act as a reservoir that retains freshly-pressed juice, which you can later dispense (pre-mixed!) as needed straight from the outlet cap.

The bowl features gradations, a handy way to measure serving size and make sure everyone gets their daily fruit and veg intake!

One minute clean

With the juice outlet cap, cleaning is even easier: simply close the cap and fill the bowl with water, letting the silicone wiper blades clean the bowl as they rotate. Once the water is let out, the various parts come apart quickly and only require a quick rinse under the tap - any stray fibres can be removed easily with the included brush.

With new generation slow-juicing technology and a sleek contemporary design, the Hurom HG-SBE06 is the perfect choice for health-conscious families and stylish kitchens!

Hurom HG-SBE06 features:
  • New patented extraction system (SSS)
  • Calibrated at 45 RPM!
  • Pulp processed at the back of the drum for thinner, better-quality juice
  • BPA-free parts
  • New juice outlet cap
  • Main drum stores juice and measures serving size easily
  • Extra coarse screen for juicing soft and pulpy fruit
  • Easy clean-up


  • Model: Hurom HG-SBE06 (HG Series)
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Power consumption: 150 W
  • Juicer Type: Vertical single auger
  • Motor: 45 RPM
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 159 mm x 223 mm x 418 mm
  • Weight: 5.4 kg
  • Cord Length: 1.4 m
  • Rated Usage: Up to 30 minutes continuously
  • Warranty: 10 years on motor, 2 years on parts


Model # HU-HG-SBE06
Brand Hurom
Shipping Weight 6.5000kg
10 year warranty on motor, 2 year warranty on parts

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