HealthWise Glycine - 1kg


This product is no longer available for sale and is listed for reference purposes only. ()

Glycine is an organic compound that functions primarily as a protein precursor and neurotransmitter. It is a vital building block for many natural products, and can be converted to the amino acid Serine if it is required by the body.

HealthWise® Glycine is a 100% pure pharmaceutical-grade micro-crystalline powder, free from fillers or any flowing agents.

HealthWise® Glycine is free from gluten, yeast, salt, preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring.


As a dietary supplement, clinical studies have suggested up to 4g (or 1 level metric teaspoon) of Glycine in split servings throughout the day.

Specific Weight Information: Glycine 4000mg (4g)

Note: the above measurements display the amount of milligrams per amino equivalent to a 5mL metric teaspoon. HealthWise® powders are packed by weight and not volume, are loosely filled, levelled but not compacted.

Some HealthWise® Amino Powders are slightly hygroscopic (they retain moisture), which can result in clumping. Clumps can be broken apart with a spoon before taking or dissolved in water.