Grain Master Whisper Mill

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The GrainMaster Whisper Mill makes it simple and easy to mill your own flour so that the maximum amount of vital nutrients are retained for optimum digestive health.

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Wheat - used to produce most of the common types of bread, is one of nature's most complete and nutritious foods - packed full of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Unfortunately, harsh commercial milling processes can literally destroy many of the health-giving oils and vitamins present in our seeds and grains.

  • Mills all types of grains and legumes (hard or soft) in minutes
  • Adjusts from coarse to pastry fine flour with a touch of the dial
  • Ultra-tough and hygienic stainless steel milling chamber
  • No nutritional loss, gumming, jamming or glazing
  • Easy to clean: the integrated separator lid requires minimal cleaning and is fully dishwasher safe
  • Good maintenance-free investment with long trouble-free life
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • 12 cup capacity flour canister
  • Store freshly-milled flour for up to 72 hours
  • Microburst technology makes milling heads more powerful than the competition
Harness all the nutrition grains have to offer

It is a well-known fact that grains and seeds contain a wealth of precious vitamins and minerals, but did you also know that they are also a great source of unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin and protein? Adding the Grain Master Whisper Mill to your kitchen toolkit is a simple and convenient way to produce flour ranging from coarse to pastry-fine with a touch of the dial.

Featuring a generous 12-cup flour canister, the Grain Master Whisper Mill doubles as a convenient countertop container for storing your freshly-ground flour. With the Grain Master Whisper Mill you'll find it simple and easy to bake fresh, wholesome bread and pastry literally from scratch!

Why make your own flour?

Traditionally, simple milling stones were used to mill wheat into flour using a simple crushing action. The need to ensure a long shelf-life has meant that complicated new techniques are being used which literally remove all of the bran and the germ from supermarket flour - in the process destroying at least 22 of the 26 known vitamins it would normally contain.

Even worse, these commercial processes can also greatly reduce or completely eliminate most of the vital roughage our bodies need for the absorbtion and removal of harmful toxins and poisons in the digestive tract. Many nutritionists argue that the introduction of white flour and other refined foods to our diets has resulted in a huge increase in the incidence of hypoglycaemia, bowel cancer, heart disease and diabetes to name a few.

In an attempt to compensate for the greatly reduced nutritional benefit of commercially produced flours, many Millers started artificially adding vitamins B1, B2, Niacin and Iron to their products. Unfortunately, these "enrichment" processes can only go a very small way to restore all of the 26 known vitamins and minerals present in unprocessed wheat.

The humble wheat stalk

There are three main parts of a wheat stalk:

  • The bran: forming the outer coating of the wheat stalk, bran contains a large variety and quantity of vitamins, minerals, and proteins . Also present in the bran is the vital roughage is necessary for the digestive tract to absorb and expel unwanted poisons and toxins.
  • The germ: the precious germ contains vitamins B and E in abundance - after milling, the germ remains usable for up to 72 hours at room temperature before it must be disposed.
  • The endosperm: containing primarily starch and with very little nutritional benefit the endosperm usually constitutes the bulk of most commercially-milled and supermarket flours.

Because the Grain Master Whisper Mill uses the traditional crushing method of milling, all of the nutritients and roughage of the wheat stalk is retained. The Grain Master produces a wonderfully soft, smooth quality of flour with a subtle oiliness carried over directly from the wheat germ itself. Your home-made flours made with the Grain Master will take on moisture quickly for easier preparation and better flavour, taste fantastic and are much more easily digested than breads and pastries baked with commercially produced flour.

Easy to use

Using the Grain Master is worderfully simple - just pour in your whole grain wheat, lentils or cereals, turn it on and enjoy healthy, great-tasting whole-grain flour in just minutes. Because the Grain Master mills flour so quickly, there's no need to store flour or prepare it ahead of time, but if you choose to do so, the Grain Master features a convenient integrated storage cannister to keep your flour fresh for up to 72 hours at room temperature.


Motor 1.75 peak HP
Voltage 240 V / 50 Hz
Weight 3.8 kg
Model # KT-GM-GM-AU
Brand Grain Master
Shipping Weight 3.8000kg

Lifetime warranty (domestic use only)