EziDri 5 Tray Food Dehydrator Snackmaker


This product is no longer available for sale and is listed for reference purposes only. ()

The EziDri Snackmaker allows you to dehydrate a large range of produce with preset temperature controls.

Simple to use, the EziDri Snackmaker has a flexible drying capacity. It is the ideal all-rounder whether you are new to food dehydrating as well as much more experienced (read our EziDri Profile here for more on the brand and its technology).

Preset thermostat

The EziDri Snackmaker comes with three temperature settings. Beginners might like to start with fruit rollups and simple veggies, with the option to dehydrate much more in future without having to upgrade to a different unit.

The average drying time for the Snackmaker is 8 to 12 hours, so you can load the trays and leave it on overnight. The airflow in the Snackmaker follows a unique pattern that ensures even and fast drying, without the need to rotate trays.


Accessories are available to expand the Snackmaker: extra trays (it can hold up to 15), spacer rings when you need more room to dry larger items (fruit halves etc…), mesh sheets for your stickier ingredients and solid sheets for fruit rollups.

The Snackmaker offers you great food drying variety at a reasonable price - it's the perfect raw food kitchen companion.

The Snackmaker is ideal for:

  • Dehydrating all soft and hard fruits for snacks, lunch boxes, camping trips,...
  • Dehydrating all soft, hard and fibrous veggies for snacks, soups, pastas,…
  • Making fruit rollups
  • Dehydrating meat, making beef jerky for high protein snacks


You can compare EziDri models easily with this chart of all the models in our catalogue: you'll be sure to find one that suits your kitchen and requirements!

If you are looking for a larger dehydrator that can bulk-preserve a lot of produce, the EziDri Ultra might be best for you.

Spare parts

Spare parts for EziDri dehydrators are available on special order, you can click here to fill out an order request form.


  • 5 tray model, no timer
  • 3 set thermostat settings 35ºC, 50ºC and 60ºC
  • Customisable drying space holds up to 15 trays
  • 5 trays with a diameter of 34cm
  • Unique rising airflow pattern for fast and even drying
  • Optional accessories sold separately (trays, non-stick and mesh sheets, spacer rings)
  • User manual with recipes included
Model Number FD500
Brand EziDri
Barcode 9417875120015
Voltage 230-240 V / 50 Hz
Power 500 W
Timer No
Dimensions 34 cm diameter, 26.8 cm (5 Trays)
Weight 3.4 kg
Tray Capacity Up to 15
Thermostat Low (35ºC), Medium (50ºC) and High (60ºC)
Material (Case) ABS Plastic
Material (trays) ABS food-safe plastic
Material (mesh and solid sheets) BPA-free food-safe polypropylene
Certification AS/NZS 3350.2.9*
What's in the box Dehydrator + 5 Trays | 1 Solid Sheet | 1 Mesh Sheet | User Manual with Drying Guide and Recipes

*(Safety of household and similar electrical appliances Particular requirements - Grills, toasters and similar portable cooking appliances).

2 Year Warranty (Domestic) and 12 Months Warranty (Commercial) (supported by a warranty and repair centre located in South Australia, Australia).