Echolife Mojave Green Clay Powder 900g

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Green clay - nature's purifier: green clays have a long history of use - prized by many cultures for having a unique ability to help cleanse the body of toxins and other impurities by drawing them out gently through the skin.

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Used by many spas and natural health practitioners here in Australia and throughout the world, Echolife Australia's Mojave Living Clay is an ultra-pure, non-gritty, calcium bentonite (green) clay, rich in trace minerals - making it uniquely effective at deep-cleansing the body of toxins and impurities.

Echolife Australia's Mojave Living Clay in pure powder form is sourced exclusively from the ancient calcium bentonite deposits of the Mojave Desert, and is ideal for use in many applications such as clay compresses, packs, poultices, baths and body wraps.

A few simple uses...

Clay detox baths are a gentle yet extremely effective way to assist the body in the elimination of toxic substances and impurities that have accumulated over time. You can add clay to your bath in 2 ways. Lightly sprinkle clay over water surface whilst vigorously agitating water or completely pre-hydrate one-two cups of Calcium Bentonite Clay with 5-6 cups clean, filtered water until it is liquid enough to pour into your warm bath. Swirl to mix. The time spent in the bath can be anywhere between 20-45 minutes.

Cleansing the face and body with clay is a naturally effective alternative to using cleansers containing harsh chemical compunds that can upset the skin’s delicate pH balance. Mix a small amount of warm water to a scoop of Hydrated Clay and apply to face or body - rub gently using circular movements. Rinse off immediately with warm water, pat dry and finish by applying a good moisturiser.

Visit the Echolife blogfor more information and helpful how-to’s.


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