Breville Flavour Maker - 5L


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Breville Flavour Maker deepens flavours and textures with the one pot cooking technique.

Breville Flavour Maker maximises taste and simplifies the cooking process.

Why slow cook?

Slow cooking is a method that retains most of the ingredients' moisture, which yields delicious and tender results. The Flavour Maker is capable of replicating this cooking method and develop all the flavours and textures with long cooking times and low temperatures.

The Flavour Maker is designed for searing aromatic ingredients and meats on the stovetop before slow-cooking or roasting in the oven. This professional technique called flavour layering produces rich and refined casseroles, curries, soups and stocks.


  • Low - simmers gently without burning, best for recipes that take between 6 and 10 hours of cooking time (no stirring is needed for this method)
  • High - will cook food in half the time required on the Low cook method, best for recipes that take between 3 to 4 hours or when time is a constraint
  • Auto - this setting starts cooking on High for around 2 hours, then drops to Low for added convenience, best for recipes that take between 4 to 6 hours

How to use:

Dishes can be prepared well in advance to fit into your dinner schedule

  • Remove the EasySear diecast pan from the slow cooker base, place on stovetop
  • Coat the inside of the pan with oil or butter
  • Heat the pan, then sear the food in batches
  • When searing is done and using the included heat-proof mitts, return the pan to the slow cooker base and proceed with the recipe

The Flavour Maker doesn't have a Keep Warm function: to keep food warm at serving temperature, use the Low setting and monitor food closely.

Adapt your favourite recipes

Follow the included guidelines (with or without searing) to convert your favourite recipes to the slow cooking method. Searing will shorten the cooking time slightly. The instruction manual contains recipes for further inspiration.


Stirring will improve flavour distribution on the High setting.

The EasySear diecast pan can be used as a standalone oven dish or roasting pan.

The EasySear pan and lid are dishwasher-safe, but the manufacturer requires hand-washing for increased longevity.

The EasySear pan cannot be used on induction cooktops and its base may scratch glass, ceramic or halogen cooktops.

Do not place the EasySear pan in an over hotter than 250ºC.

Silicon handles should be in place at all times when the EasySear pan is in use (on the stovetop, slow cooker base or in the oven).


  • Removable EasySear pan with non-stick coating
  • Tempered glass (5L) or stainless steel lid (7L)
  • Removable silicon handle covers for heat protection
  • Wrap-around element for even heat distribution
  • Stainless steel rack for roasting
  • Stainless steel slow cooker base

Download the Flavour Maker 5L Instruction Manual here and 7L manual here.

Model BSC500BSS (5L) / BSC560BSS (7L)
Brand Breville
Voltage 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Power 230 W (5L) / 360 W (7L)
Settings Low, High, Auto
Materials Brushed stainless steel, aluminium
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12 Months Limited Product Warranty (supported by a warranty and repair centre located in New South Wales, Australia).