Botani Olive Repair Cream - 120g


This product is no longer available for sale and is listed for reference purposes only. ()

All-natural intensive moisturising cream. Botáni's Olive Repair Cream is enriched with replenishing olive squalene and is highly penetrative, ideal for sensitive, dry, mature or sun damaged skin.

Jojoba oil's high mineral and protein content and lecithin (derived from soya plants) help nourish the skin. Moisturising and softening olive squalene closely resembles the skin's own oils and absorbs easily. Chamomile and calendula help soothe, heal and calm irritated skin, locking moisture in.

Botáni's Olive Repair Cream rejuvenates the skin, softens fine lines, repairs and protects from environmental damage, and can assist in the prevention of stretch marks.

Product Directions

Put a small portion into the palm of the hand. Apply evenly onto the skin with patting, pressing movements. Suitable for day or night use.