Blooms Green Tea 5000 - 60 capsules


This product is no longer available for sale and is listed for reference purposes only. ()

Blooms Green Tea 5000 brings you the antioxidant benefits of green tea in a convenient tablet form. Rich in free-radical scavenging polyphenols and catechins, Blooms Green Tea helps neutralise free radical activity.

Benefits of Blooms Green Tea 5000:

  • Gives you the benefits of green tea without having to drink it: each capsule is equivalent to 3 cups.
  • The formulation is standardised to deliver at least 100mg of catechins, a strong antioxidant.
  • Green tea's antioxidant action has been found to be greater than vitamin C.
  • Contains a mixture of catechins and polyphenols.


Contains 60 capsules.

Active Ingredients

Each vegetarian capsule contains:

Camellia sinensis (green tea) extract equiv. to dry leaf 5 g (5000 mg)
Standardised to catechins 100 mg
Also contains caffeine 40 mg

Product Directions

Adults: Take 1 to 3 capsules a day. Suitable for vegans.