Blackmores Lyp-Sine 30 tablets


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Assists in relieving the symptoms of cold sores. Blackmores Lyp-Sine® contains a therapeutic dose of the amino acid lysine, which helps reduce the number of cold sores outbreaks, relieves their symptoms and reduces healing time.

Lysine has not only been shown to reduce the frequency of outbreaks of cold sores, it can also reduce their severity and ease their unpleasant symptoms such as burning, itching and pain.
Cold sores are symptoms of the herpes simplex virus being active and replicating itself, and need large amounts of arginine, another amino acid, for the replication process to occur. Lysine acts as a competing amino acid and helps limit the amount of arginine available to cells and tissues. Increasing lysine intake prevents arginine being freely absorbed and limits the virus's capacity to replicate itself.

Lyp-Sine® also contains zinc and vitamin C to help reduce healing time for cold sore lesions. Zinc and vitamin C are both involved in collagen production, the connective tissue found in skin that helps preserve its elasticity. Promoting collagen production assists with the normal healing of skin lesions.


During a cold sore outbreak, include plenty of foods in your diet that are high in lysine such as vegetables, legumes, fish, sprouts and dairy products.
It is best to avoid foods with a high arginine content such as chocolate, nuts, oats, carob, coconut and soya beans.

Product Directions


  • Dose for risk reduction: 2 tablets per day.
  • Dose for management of outbreak: 2 tablets, 2 times per day.


  • Under 6 years – As professionally prescribed.
  • From 6 years to 12 years – Take 1 tablet per day, or as professionally prescribed.

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  • Contains added vitamin C and zinc to assist with the healing of lesions and collagen production.
  • Suitable for pregnancy at the reduced dose of 1 tablet per day.


Contains 30 tablets.

Active Ingredients
Lysine hydrochloride 500 mg
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 250 mg
Zinc amino acid chelate (Zinc 10 mg) 50 mg
you can purchase it here*.

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