Aquaport Under Sink Full Flow Replacement Filter

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The Aquaport Under Sink Replacement Filter keeps your Full Flow Water Filtration System performing optimally.

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Aquaport typically recommends a filter change every 10,000 Litres or 12 months.


  • Very long-lasting and economical
  • Reduces sediment, dirt, rust, chlorine, bad taste and odours
  • As easy to replace as changing a light bulb!
Brand Aquaport
Barcode N/A
Flow Rate Up to 4.7 L / mn
Working pressure 207 ~ 862 kPa
Temperature For use with cold water only (1 ~ 38ºC)
Filter Lifespan 10,000 L or 12 months
Flushing 5 mn
What's in the box Carbon Filter Cartridge