Aquaport Desktop Filtered Water Cooler

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Having a desktop water filter will free you from the need to purchase individually bottled water, and ensure you always have a large tank of crisp, clean, pure-tasting water available.

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Features of the Aquaport Desktop Filtered Water Cooler

The compact size of this desktop water cooler makes it an ideal choice for a home office, kitchen counter, or any other work surface, as it will provide easily accessible drinking water without taking up precious counter space.


Replacement filters can be purchased here.


  • 7 L capacity
  • Cost-effective: water coolers provide clean, cold water for a fraction of the price of individual bottles.
  • Perfect temperature: thermo-electric technology keeps the water ice-cold.
  • Consistent quality: filtering out lead, copper and other impurities means you get consistent, clean-tasting water.
  • Easy maintenance: the digital counter keeps track of how much water has passed through the filter, and lets you know exactly when it is time to switch out the old filter for a new one.
Model AQP-24CS
Voltage 240 V / 50 Hz
Power 70 W
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 44 cm
Capacity 7 L
Tank capacity 4.5 L Filtered Water
Cartridge lifespan 600 L or 6 months
Model # AQP-24CS
Barcode # 9333353012804
Brand Aquaport

The Aquaport Desktop Filtered Water Cooler has a 12 months repair warranty (supported by a warranty and repair centre located in New South Wales, Australia), which covers defects in material or workmanship in the manufactured product within the first 12 months from purchase date.