Angel 8500 Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer

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The Angel 8500 is manufactured entirely from food and medical grade stainless steel (with surgical grade twin gears and extracting screen housing) and boasts remarkable extraction power: up to 30% more than comparable twin gear juicers.

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The Angel 8500 Twin Gear juicer is the latest top of the line model released in 2014-15 with upgraded features.

What's new

  • Upgraded motor and gear box
  • Upgraded safety sensors and cooling systems
  • Redesigned control board

Good design and materials

Angel juicers are the only stainless steel juicers on the market. Engineered with precision and manufactured to a high-standard using only medical grade 304 stainless steel (known for its durability, ability to withstand corrosion and antibacterial properties) as well as 316 surgical grade stainless steel twin gears and extracting screen housing, the Angel 8500 is built to give many faithful years of service.

Its gears are significantly larger than comparable twin-gear models and capable of extracting nutrients locked deep within cellulose fibres.

Dual-stage extraction

The Angel juices in two stages: in the first stage constant pressure is applied which produces a smooth pressed pulp. In stage two this pulp is ground down and masticated by the large stainless steel gears, ensuring the highest yield and producing the driest possible pulp.

This dual-stage process ensures every part of your produce is broken down which results in a higher yield of juice and active nutrients, including vital minerals like calcium and magnesium. The Angel’s performance is only comparable to the Norwalk Press, a machine much dearer than the Angel 5500 and 8500.

Low speed for a high-quality juice

The Angel 8500 never goes above 82 RPM, a very slow and ideal speed that produces minimal heat and oxidation and preserves your fruit and vegetables’ vital nutrients and enzymes. Juice will have a full-bodied and richer flavour as well as a higher nutritional profile, and since your produce has only been in contact with hygienic stainless steel, there are no risks of plastics leaching into the juice.

Making the most out of your produce

The 8500 will extract up to 30% more juice than comparable twin gear juicers - for anyone juicing regularly, this represents significant savings that will make the Angel pay for itself in a matter of months. The 8500 comes with an excellent recipe book to make the most of your machine and keep your inspiration going.

Highly efficient 3 HP motor

The Angel 8500’s powerful motor can juice an extremely wide range of produce without effort. It performs very well with:

  • Fibrous and stringy vegetables (carrot, celery)
  • Wheatgrass
  • Pine needles
  • Hard and soft fruit

It is so reliable and consistent there is no need to change juicing screens or make any adjustments when switching between soft and harder fruit or fruit and vegetables.

Easy to use and easy to clean

The Angel 8500 is easy to assemble and while in use it expels pulp as it is juicing, allowing you to juice continuously without having to start and stop.

Cleaning is very quick with only 4 components requiring proper cleaning with the included brush and scraper - you will save time, effort and water!

Safety features

The Angel's safety features include:

  • Overheating prevention: automatic heat sensor on the motor, inbuilt cooling fan
  • Double protection of the motor, main housing and screen housing
  • Internal gear protection
  • Extra rocker switch with reinforced panel
  • Anti-jamming system: self-regulates the speed when overloading
  • Automatic reverse function activation when jamming is detected

Extra attachments available

An optional coarse attachment with larger holes is available to those who mostly juice soft fruit and vegetables such as citrus, pineapple, grapes, and berries. The Angel 8500 can juice all of these perfectly well but may take longer to do so with its standard screen.

With the Nut Butter Attachment, you can turn your Angel 8500 into a living food processor and make a variety of delicious and wholesome recipes such as nut milks, meat pâté, baby food, nut butters, tofu and frozen fruit sorbets and desserts.


The Angel 8500 is sometimes referred to as 'Angelia'.

The Angel 8500 is identical in many ways to the Angel 5500 - the main differences are the 8500’s twin gears and extracting screen housing are made from a different grade stainless steel (316 surgical), the 8500 is a very recent release with improved design, and the reverse function engages automatically when jamming is detected.

Spare parts

Spare parts for the 8500 are available on special order, you can click here to fill out an order request form.


To maximise the Angel 8500's effectiveness, take care not to overload the feeding chute which would result in jamming and limit maximum extraction.

10 minutes rest is suggested per every 30 to 40 minutes of use.


  • Upgraded features and design
  • Cold-press twin gear juicer with 82 RPM
  • Dual-stage juicing with continuous pulp ejection
  • Can juice a wide range of fruit, veg and herbs without effort
  • Precision engineering and high quality construction
  • 3 HP motor for efficient performance
  • Extremely sturdy materials (304 and 316 grade stainless steel body and parts)
  • Safety features for peace of mind
  • Increase versatility with extra optional attachments
Model 8500
Brand Angel
Barcode 609722994927
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power 150 W
Feeding Chute Size 38 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 49.5 x 19.7 x 26.7 cm
Weight 10 kg
Motor 3 HP with automatic heat sensor
RPM 82
Automatic Reverse Yes
Recommended usage 30 to 40 mn, 10 mn rest
Material 316 Grade Stainless Steel (twin gears and extracting screen housing), 304 Grade (all other parts)
What's in the box Juicer | Wooden Pusher | Cleaning Brush | Screen Cleaning Knife | Power Cord | Juice Tub | Pulp Collector

10 year Australian warranty (motor), 1 year (parts) (supported by a warranty and repair centre located in Victoria, Australia).

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