Alcyon Atom Nebulising Aroma Diffuser


This product is no longer available for sale and is listed for reference purposes only. ()

The Alcyon Atom Nebulising Diffuser is a heat-less and safe essential oil diffusion system. Suitable for large spaces, it maintains the aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils and blends much better than conventional burners.

Create a serene and relaxing environment with the Alcyon Atom, a water-less diffuser suited to very large spaces. Simply screw in your favourite bottle of essential oil and enjoy its unadulterated benefits and scent.

The Atom can hold up to a 30mL bottle of any aromatherapy brand, provided the neck can be screwed into the unit.

It runs on a long-lasting battery with an approximate life of 20 hours, making it portable and convenient. A USB adapter is included to recharge the Atom when needed.

It is easily operated with one button that selects High or Low output, and off.

Please note: Nebulisers are louder than ultrasonic diffusers. They are designed with a pump that makes more noise than a vibrating ultrasonic pad. If you are looking to diffuse essential oils in a bedroom or any room where the diffuser will be close to your head, an ultrasonic diffuser will be a better choice. In a larger room the noise produced by a nebuliser shouldn't be problematic unless you have an extreme sensitivity to noise.


When using high-grade oils, a nebuliser is a better choice than an ultrasonic diffuser.

To clean your nebuliser, you can fill a small empty bottle of essential oil with warm water and white vinegar and run it through the machine the same way you would an essential oil. This will help remove some of the previous scent.

Nebulisers go through essential oils faster than ultrasonic diffusers as they are diffusing pure oil. It isn't possible to give an estimate of how long a bottle of essential oil will last with a nebuliser (variables include oil thickness, air flow and ambient humidity), so you might want to keep an eye on the level at first.


  • Nebulising diffuser
  • Safe and effective aromatherapy delivery
  • Suitable for very large rooms
  • Breaks down essential oil into pure microscopic particles and releases them into the air
  • Does not require any heat or open flames
  • Lithium-ion battery with approx. 20 hours life
Brand Alcyon Australia
Barcode N/A
Power supply DC 5 V
Alternate power source Lithium-ion battery
Water reservoir N/A
Intermittent mode Yes (default mode, 10 seconds on / 10 seconds off)
Battery runtime Approx. 20 hours
Charge cycle (via USB) Approx. 6 hours
Mist output N/A
Timer function No
Size 72 x 42 x 128 mm
Coverage (scent) 100m2
Night Light N/A
Material Polypropylene
What's in the box Nebuliser | 10mL Bottle of Essential Oil | Power Cord | USB Adapter | User Manual

12 months warranty (supported by a warranty and repair centre located in New South Wales, Australia).