Omega Brand Profile

Why juice?

We recommend reading our comprehensive three-part guide on juicing if you are new to this practice. Click here to access the guide.


Putting the end user’s needs first

Omega was founded in the USA in 1985 by a veteran of the juicing industry. From the start the company approached product design from the perspective of customers’ needs.

In the following decades Omega pursued innovation with multiple styles of juicers and always kept the customer in mind with generous industry-leading warranties that covered parts as well as performance.


Omega’s philosophy

Juice-ology’ is a term coined by Omega to refer to the science of juicing. This culture of product improvement and performance starts with precise engineering and flows through to quality materials and manufacturing.

Omega even refers to its product designers as ‘experts in the science of squeezing juice from produce as fine as a blade of wheatgrass’. Quite an accomplishment!

Making it easier to be healthier

An Omega juicer should be easy to use and perform excellently. Anything less will create obstacles between the customer and regular use, thus preventing them from reaping the benefits of a diet richer in fresh produce.

The company started to simplify and improve on their designs as early as 1988 with the introduction of automatic pulp ejection, which streamlines juicing significantly. The first masticating juicers, a process which preserves more nutrients by pressing rather than shredding produce, were developped before 2000.


Slower and slower extraction

Omega introduced their first vertical slow speed juicer in 2005. This helped minimise oxidation during the extraction process and the resulting living juice kept its nutrients for up to 72 hours.

In 2014 the slowest of all Omega juicers was released: operating at just 43 RPM, it produces a juice with an even smoother, richer taste and higher nutritional profile.


Worldwide success

Omega set a benchmark for innovation and quality in the american market before expanding its reputation globally. It is now a world-leading brand distributed in over 120 countries, with the same mission it always had: for its customers to 'drink well and live well' with Omega.


The Omega range

Omega is a rare brand that designs both vertical and horizontal axis juicers. We typically recommend their vertical juicers for beverage preparation only whilst the horizontal models (which are also referred to as ‘Nutrition Centres’) have increased capabilities and double as food processors as well.

The vertical VRT350 is an excellent model for those new to juicing who are looking for a reliable machine. Its auger is made from Ultem, a very strong material that performs very well juicing all produce (soft, hard and stringy).

The VSJ843RS is the latest vertical model and its motor is calibrated at 43 RPM, the slowest speed in all the Omega range. Its drum is equipped with a smart cap, so you can juice in larger batches and by keeping the cap closed, ensure perfect mixing.

An Omega Nutrition Centre comes with accessories that will enable you to make frozen desserts, baby food, dips, nut butters, as well as grind spices and coffee, mince meat or extrude pasta.

The best-selling J8226 has been chosen in various Juicer Buying Guides as an easy-to-use all-rounder with great performance. The 8227 and 8228 were released after the J8226 and incorporated small design improvements such as a different handle, larger tray and hopper, and a juicing screen made with a stainless steel mesh (please note that the only difference between the 8227 and the 8228 is their finish - they otherwise have identical features).

The NC800/900 series introduced a feature normally reserved for twin gear juicers: an adjustable end cap with five settings to increase extraction efficiency no matter what you are juicing (the lower settings suit soft fruit and citrus and the highest is best for toucher items such as wheatgrass). The size of the feeding chute was also increased, so you spend less time prepping before juicing with this model.

The Cube is the latest Omega release and has an attractive compact design which includes storage for all the juicer's accessories.

There is however more to consider than extra features to decide which model is right for you: a vertical and horizontal juicer are not used in the same way, their footprints are different, the process to clean them is also different,... For a side by side summary of all the Omega range, download this table in PDF form.

You can fill out this form to help us pair you with the model that will best suit your needs, send an email or call our office (see below for contact details) and we will be happy to help!


A new chapter: ‘Blend-ology’

A recent addition to their juicer range, Omega introduced high-powered (yet quiet!) blenders in 2016. They are designed with the same philosophy of simple use, clever features, and excellent results. If you are looking for a blender, we encourage you to look at Omega’s offerings in this category.



Omega juicers and blenders come with a 20 year Australian warranty (motor), 10 year (parts) (for Domestic use only).

The service centre is located in North Queensland and they supply a Reply Paid address so you won’t be out of pocket if you need to return anything to them.

They carry all parts and are also available to troubleshoot.


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