L'Equip Brand Profile

Products inspired by the pleasure of eating well

L’Equip is an award-winning brand founded from decades of experience in the kitchen appliance industry and the vision to encourage and preserve better health. To this end, L’Equip also manufactures juicers and blenders alongside its range of dehydrators, to help create ‘life in healthy balance’.


L’Equip’s approach to food dehydration

We recommend reading our comprehensive three-part guide on food dehydration if you are new to this food preparation technique. Click here to access the guide.


L’Equip wants to preserve the cultural heritage of food drying and encourage better eating through dehydrators that are easy to use and innovative.

The airflow pattern of its first three models is designed around a pressurised central column and computerised heat sensor that adjusts the temperature as needed. This feature enables expansion as required: you can add extra trays to all these models (up to 12 in total) if your needs change.


Clean Air Drying Technology

L’Equip introduced the concept of filtering the air before it is heated and circulated by placing a washable pre-filter in the base of two of its models: the LD-918 and 9013D Cube.

The filter captures air-borne contaminants and ensures your dehydrated food contains its wholesome nutritional profile and nothing else!


Near-infrared ‘sun’ drying

The latest IRD5 model dries food using near-infrared technology, which is similar to sun drying: produce is heated from the inside out and this reduces total drying times by up to 20% as well as provides better texture and nutrient retention than previous models.

There is also a ‘Shade drying’ setting if you wish to culture or ferment foods.


Adjustable thermostat

All L’Equip dehydrators offer complete control over the thermostat. Their range is 34 or 35°C to 70°C, which means all models are suitable for making yoghurt (two models even come with yoghurt cups).

All dehydrators will be sent with a soft-cover instruction manual and thorough drying guide to help you get started, complete with various preparation techniques and recipes.


Timer and no timer models

L’Equip manufactures both - the simplest model does not have a timer, whilst every other model does. The Near-Infrared IRD5 comes with the longest timer (99 Hours).

If you are new to dehydrating the No Timer model might be a good fit for you, since it comes at a very affordable price point with a long warranty. You can leverage a No Timer dehydrator by loading trays in the evening and leaving the dehydrator to run overnight. The timer models add convenience but they also come with features the No Timer model does not have such as the clean air filter and near-infrared technology.


Expanding capacity or customisable space?

L’Equip’s latest release (the IRD5 with Near-Infrared technology) has fully removable trays which lets you customise the drying space completely.

All other models don’t have this capability, but they can accommodate extra trays whilst the IRD5 cannot do.

Which to choose will depend on what you will make the most often with your dehydrator, and if your needs are likely to change with a growing family or larger amounts of food to preserve at certain times of the year (for example if you have a fruit orchard or veggie garden and will need to dehydrate your harvest in a short space of time to avoid spoilage).

You can compare all the models in the L'Equip range by downloading this table in PDF form.


Safe materials

All trays, mesh and fruit leather sheets and accessories that are in contact with food are BPA-free for peace of mind.


Environmental responsibility

L’Equip cares for more than your health, it also cares for the environment: the ‘Help us Plant a Forest’ campaign was launched in March 2008 and since then for every qualifying product sold, one tree has been donated to the Arbor Day Foundation.

In addition, every L’Equip dehydrator is energy-efficient to run.



All L’Equip dehydrators come with a 7 Year Domestic warranty only. If you are looking for a machine that you can use in a commercial environment, please contact us.

The service centre is located in New South Wales. They carry all parts and are available to troubleshoot.



As always don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions on the L'Equip range!