Kuvings Brand Profile

Good design, patented technology and international awards


Why juice?

We recommend reading our comprehensive three-part guide on juicing if you are new to this practice. Click here to access the guide.


Good health for a good quality of life

Kuvings started over 40 years ago as a small Korean company dedicated to bringing specialised, high-quality and simple-to-use kitchen appliances to market.

Since its establishment in 1978, it has produced many award-winning designs and can be credited with revolutionising the world of juicing by creating the first juicer with a wide-mouth chute.

Product designers have had a particular customer in mind from the start: the health-conscious. With its products Kuvings wants to make it easier for its customers to live healthier lives without making a large investment of time or compromise on taste.


Inhouse, from start to finish

Kuvings has a unique approach: each new product is entirely developed inhouse. The company has a large R & D staff tasked with innovating and upgrading existing technologies. Not only this, but Kuvings even produces its own motors!

Knowing the machines and parts inside out, product engineers can leverage the strengths of all their components with complimentary features, to reach even higher yield and performance.

It’s no coincidence that this rigorous overseeing has seen Kuvings win many prestigious international design awards over the years!


Doing it all

One of the challenges of cold-press juicing is dealing with different textures: hard, soft, stringy, fibrous, wheatgrass,... The Kuvings brand stands alone in its extraction capabilities: it performs excellently across a wide range of produce, even green grasses which are notoriously hard to juice. It is no surprise that it has been consistently rated by Choice since 2014, and is the only brand of juicers we stock with this accolade.


Patented extraction

Kuvings developed and patented a unique technology called J.M.C.S (‘Juicer Module Comprising System’). This technology focuses on maximum nutrient extraction at low speed, which minimises separation and produces a rich, smooth homogenised juice with great texture and taste.

Every new model since the B6000 (the first Kuvings model to win a Choice-rating) has been upgraded - from redesigning the bottom filter seal on the juicing screen to modifying the angle on the edge of the auger for better performance with green vegetables. No improvement is too small and every component can contribute to a better outcome.


Worldwide success

Kuvings is fulfilling its mission to ‘make healthy living more efficient, convenient, and delicious' by having its products available in over 80 countries.

The Australian distributor is incredibly proactive and offers free demonstrations and training for commercial customers who purchase the award-winning Chef CS600.

Kuvings has expanded its range into new product categories along the way and also manufactures Yogurt and Cheese Makers and a Vacuum Blender which just happens to have won the iF World Design Award and Red Dot Design Award in 2018!


The Kuvings range

Kuvings classify their juicers in three distinct categories: Domestic, Professional, and Commercial.

The Domestic range is ideal for home use. The E6000 juicer has a wide feeding chute and will perform very well on a large range of produce. As a very recent release it incorporates the same flip-gate design as the much dearer CS600 Commercial model - a boon for cutting down on prep, preserving maximum nutrition from your ingredients and ensuring safe use.

The Professional range is best for more intensive home use. The C7000 Professional has a slower RPM than the Domestic range, and its strainer will help produce even finer juice with less pulp. It comes with a free set of sorbet and smoothie screens.

The Commercial range is specifically designed for catering businesses, cafés or juice bars. Deciding between the two Commercial models (the EVO820 and CS600) should be very easy: the EVO820 is rated for 1 hour of continuous use, whilst the CS600 is rated for a whopping 24 hours, making it the obvious choice if it is meant to service a busy venue or premises where juice needs to be made in large batches. The CS600 is also the only model for which free on-demand training is available.


Take a look at the table below comparing all Kuvings models: they have more similarities than differences but some of these may be key for you. You can also download the table in PDF-format here.


Model E6000 C7000 EVO820 CS600 Yogurt Maker Vacuum Blender
Australian warranty 20 Y Motor, 5 Y Parts and Labour (Domestic) 20 Y Motor, 5 Y Parts and Labour (Domestic) / 5 Y Motor, 12 months Parts and Labour (Commercial) 20 Y Motor, 5 Y Parts and Labour (Domestic) / 5 Y Motor, 12 months Parts and Labour (Commercial) 20 Y Motor, 5 Y Parts and Labour (Domestic) / 5 Y Motor, 12 months Parts and Labour (Commercial) 7 Y (Domestic) 7 Y (Domestic) / 2 Y (Commercial)
RPM 54 50 52 50 N/A 2,000 to 32,000
Feeding chute size 82 mm (Flip Gate) 75 mm 82 mm (Flip Gate) 88 mm (Flip Gate) N/A N/A
Power 248 W 240 W 240 W 200 W 44 W 1,500 W
What's Included Juicer, Juice Cup & Pulp Cup, Cleaning Brushes, Rotational Brush, User Manual Juicer, Juice Cup & Pulp Cup, Cleaning Brushes, Rotational Brush, User Manual Juicer, Juice Cup & Pulp Cup, Cleaning Brush, Rotational Brush, Lid-removing Device, User Manual Juicer, Juice Cup & Pulp Cup, Cleaning Brushes, Rotational Brush, User Manual Yogurt Maker, 2 x 2 L Bowl Containers, Strainer, Bowl Lid & Bowl Handle, Recipe Book, User Manual Blender, User Manual
Features Upgraded version of B6000 (Kuvings' first Choice-rated model) Free Smoothie and Sorbet strainers set Most powerful model under $1,000 24 hour continous usage and free on demand training Low cost solution ideal for families Auto-blending function, BPA-free materials
Colours available Silver Red, Silver, Black, Gold, White Red, Silver, Dark Grey Silver Red, Silver Red, Silver
Echolife's price $599 $799 $899 $1,995 $199 $999
Shipping Free standard delivery Free standard delivery Free standard delivery Free standard delivery Free standard delivery Free standard delivery


Expanding your kitchen’s possibilities

Kuvings released a Yogurt and Cheese Maker for those who want to enjoy their own Greek yogurt or home-made fetta. True to the Kuvings philosophy it is a simple to use and cleverly-designed: it also comes with extra programmes to make fermented foods and vinegar.

The high-speed Vacuum Blender is a very recent addition which has already won two international design awards (the Red Dot and iF World Design awards, both in 2018). This innovative blender is manufactured with the same quality materials and equipped with smart features, like all other Kuvings products.



Kuvings products come with a generous 20 year Australian warranty (motor), 5 year (parts) (for Domestic use only). Commercial warranties are 5 year (motor) and 12 months (parts).

The service centre is located in New South Wales and they carry all parts. They are always happy to step in and troubleshoot over the phone for quick resolution.



As always don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions on the Kuvings range!