EziDri Brand Profile

Designed and perfected in New Zealand for over 25 years

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Hydraflow Industries

EziDri dehydrators have been designed and developed by Hydraflow Industries Limited (HIL) for several decades. Based in New Zealand, HIL has focused on offering a range of home dehydrators that provide years of reliable operation and are cost-effective to run. Each machine incorporates advanced technology and vertical airflow to ensure even dehydrating in the fastest possible time.

Before renaming their line of dehydrators ‘EziDri’, the line was marketed under the name ‘Harvest Maid’. True to HIL’s vision of products that last, all EziDri spare parts are compatible with Harvest Maid dehydrators.


How does an EziDri dehydrator work?

EziDri dehydrator vertical airflow pattern


Hydraflow designed a unique airflow pattern controlled by a microprocessor integrated into PLD circuitry (PLD stands for ‘Programmable Logic Device’).

This ensures accuracy and reliability, fast dehydrating cycles and the option to expand each model’s capacity as your needs increase.

The fan and the heating element are located in the base of the unit. The fan sucks air in and blows it across the element where it is heated to the temperature selected for the drying cycle. The warmed air is then circulated up the outer edges of the trays, and forced across each tray towards the middle before being blown up and out through the top.

This clever airflow design ensures that the air going across each tray is always ‘fresh’, which avoids cross-flavouring - this is especially useful when trays hold different types of produce.


Thermostat range

EziDri offers complete control of the thermostat or a simplified approach with preset temperature settings.

The Snackmaker is the simplest model and can only be set to Low (35ºC), Medium (50ºC), or High (60ºC).

The Ultra FD1000 No timer model gives you complete control of the thermostat, from 30ºC to 63ºC.

The Ultra Digital with Timer offers the widest thermostat range from 30ºC to 70ºC.

These temperature ranges are remarkably versatile and can dry herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruit and fruit roll-ups, meat, fish and prepared meals. They are low enough to preserve living nutrients but high enough to make jerky safely.

All EziDri dehydrators come with a thorough instruction manual complete with drying guide.


No Timer models

The first EziDri models were not designed with a timer - their average drying times being relatively short, you could easily load trays at night and wake up to dehydrated fruit slices or roll-ups in the morning, or put a handful of herbs to dehydrate late afternoon and find them ready before going to bed:


Average drying times  
Fruit 10 to 14 hours
Fruit roll-ups 10 to 12 hours
Vegetables 6 to 10 hours
Fish and meat 6 to 8 hours
Herbs and spices 4 to 8 hours


The latest release: the Ultra FD1000 Digital with Timer

The latest EziDri model is the first in the range to come with a timer. It is designed with a larger thermostat range and expands the capabilities of the previous models even further.

It shares many of the specifications of the Ultra FD1000 No Timer model, including its size and maximum capacity, but has a few unique characteristics of its own:

  • 48 Hour Digital Timer
  • 30ºC Idle Mode when timer finishes
  • 7ºC wider thermostat range


Expanding capacity

A distinctive and remarkable feature of the brand is its adaptability: each model can hold more trays than the standard number it is sold with (extra trays are sold in packs of 2, and Echolife stocks packs to fit the Snackmaker and the Ultras).

This is a very useful feature for those who don’t want to invest in a larger model straight away, but may need extra capacity down the track.

Spacer rings are also available for all models: they expand the space between trays, creating more room for fruit halves or bulkier items. A great way to further customise your dehydrator based on your own needs and favourite recipes.

It is useful to keep in mind that each tray will hold approximately ½ kg of wet fruit.

You can compare EziDri models easily with this chart of all the models in our catalogue, and see each model's maximum capacity.


Safety in mind

All EziDri dehydrators are manufactured from ABS food-safe plastic which emits no harmful fumes. They never get hot enough to burn on contact, and the base is designed in such a way that it is impossible for fingers to touch any of the working parts.

EziDri is also certified to international electrical and food grade standards and each unit has inbuilt thermal cut-out safety features.



All EziDri models come with a 2 year Domestic and 1 year Commercial warranty.

The service centre is located in South Australia. It carries all parts and its staff is also available to troubleshoot.



As always don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions on the EziDri range!