Excalibur Brand Profile

Food dehydrators made in the USA since 1973

We recommend reading our comprehensive three-part guide on food dehydration if you are new to this food preparation technique. Click here to access the guide.


Perfecting dehydration for decades

Since 1973, Excalibur has constantly refined the mechanics of food dehydration and created a brand trusted by generations of customers throughout the world. Excalibur’s commitment to performance and excellence is manifest through their patented technology:

  • Parallex™ drying which ensures the even distribution of horizontal airflow
  • Hyperwave™ fluctuation which applies temperature variations during the drying cycle


A closer look at airflow

Air circulation is one of several key factors to dehydrating food successfully and safely.

Parallexx airflow diagram patented by Excalibur


The patented airflow designed by Excalibur, along with their chosen fan position at the back of all their units, ensure an even distribution of air during the drying cycle and eliminate the need to rotate the trays for perfect results.

This exclusive process guarantees a faster and more even drying cycle, as well as better looking and tasting food with higher nutritional content. Or as Excalibur puts it, ‘Easy, Fast and Delicious’.


Hyperwave™ Fluctuation


Most food dehydrators keep temperature constant, causing 'case hardening': food dried on the surface with moisture still trapped inside. This moisture differential increases the risk of bacterial, yeast and mould growth which will lead to food spoilage.

Excalibur dehydrators vary the heat during the drying cycle, creating this Hyperwave™ fluctuation. This process pulls moisture to the surface throughout the whole cycle, eliminates 'case hardening' and delivers foods without any residual moisture.


Adjustable thermostat

All Excalibur dehydrators give you fine-grain control over the thermostat to achieve precision drying. Their range is 41°C to 74°C for the polycarbonate and 26 hour timer models, and 35°C to 74°C for their digital timer models except the RES10 model which has the widest thermostat range yet: 29.4°C to 73.9°C.

These temperature ranges are low enough to preserve living nutrients but high enough to make meat jerky safely.

All dehydrators come with a soft-cover instruction manual and drying guide to help you get started.

Please note that if you intend to make yoghurt, you need to purchase a model with a temparature range that starts at 35ºC or lower.


2 Temperature / 2 Time Zones

The digital timer models (5 Tray, 9 Tray and 10 Tray) come with extra features that speed up the drying cycle and are ideal for those who are dehydrating commercially or who run a busy household.

They let you divide the drying cycle into two stages: stage 1 can have a higher temperature than stage 2, with the temperature adjusting automatically once stage 1 is finished (hence 2 temperature, 2 time zones).

Of course you can also set your digital timer dehydrator to a single temperature for the whole drying cycle!


Timer and no timer models

Excalibur manufactures both - you may find that if you dehydrate mostly ingredients that require a longer cycle, you don’t need a timer and can simply dehydrate overnight. The timer models add convenience as you can set any cycle (long or short) and walk away: all timer models turn off automatically once the timer has stopped.

You can also buy a No Timer model and add an electrical timer at the power point!


A versatile addition to any kitchen

All Excalibur models have fully removable trays, which lets you customise the drying space according to your own needs. Remove all trays to raise bread, or if you’re drying pear or mango halves stack only every other tray to leave enough space in between.

Excalibur dehydrators are sturdy and easy to clean: the polycarbonate trays and mesh screens are dishwasher-safe and the stainless steel trays can be steam-cleaned. Their cases can be wiped down and we’ve found that adding a non-stick sheet to the bottom of the unit to act as a drip-tray makes cleaning even easier!

You can download a chart comparing all the Excalibur models in our catalogue here: you'll be sure to find a model that suits your kitchen!


Safe materials

Polycarbonate models are manufactured from FDA-approved food contact materials that don’t produce any harmful fumes while in use, unlike cheaper styrene dehydrators. The tray screens are manufactured from BPA-free polypropylene #5, the safest plastic for food contact.

Stainless steel trays can be steam-cleaned.



All Excalibur models come with a 2 year Domestic and 1 year Commercial warranty (except the 10 Tray Stainless Steel model which has a 1 year warranty for both applications).

The service centre is located in North Queensland and they supply a Reply Paid address so you won’t be out of pocket if you need to return anything to them.

They carry all parts and are also available to troubleshoot. If they determine your dehydrator needs repair, they will supply instructions to take the back panel off as for most repairs only this part needs to be returned.



As always don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions on the Excalibur range!