We've changed!

In June 2018 we decided to discontinue many of the brands we used to carry to focus our catalogue on a much smaller range.

The brands that stayed we know very well: we wanted to do an even better job at presenting their products to you, so you can make an even better and more informed purchasing decision.


What about the discontinued brands?

For the moment they're no longer available through the Echolife website. To purchase these you could try the manufacturer's or brand's website (they will usually list stockists that carry their products if they can't supply the public directly).


The Echolife-branded products are gone too?

Good news on this front: one of our staff decided to pick up the range but under a private label. The products won't be called Echolife anymore, but they will retain the same formulas and raw materials, and be available for purchase directly from her.

You can click here to fill out a form with your details and Jude will get back to you with availability and pricing (please note you will only be dealing with Jude to purchase these products, as Echolife no longer carries them).


And now on to Echolife's next chapter!