Commercial Cold-press Juicer - Spotlight on the Kuvings Chef CS600

Author: Sabine Mordini-Pound  

Commercial juicers come at a higher price point to meet very specific requirements. We itemise these in this product spotlight on the only commercial juicer we stock and recommend: the Kuvings CS600.

We published a Juicer Buying Guide recently but as most of our juicer selection is geared towards domestic use, it doesn't go into enough specifics to inform those looking for a commercial juicer.

This guide will focus on the only commercial juicer we stock and recommend: the Kuvings Chef CS600. We think it deserves this special treatment and after reading this guide, we think you'll agree!




Part One: the specific requirements of a commercial juicer


When shopping for a domestic juicer, the most significant decision you will likely have to make is whether a horizontal or vertical axis juicer will best suit your needs.

For a commercial juicer a different set of factors needs to be considered:


  • Time: cafés and juice bars are busy places where time is a precious resource.

  • Ease of use and safety: a commercial appliance needs to have intuitive controls and be extra safe to operate.

  • Reliability: a commercial juicer will need to operate continuously for hours and produce a high volume of juice.

  • Customer satisfaction: the juice needs to be of high quality, with superior taste and texture as well as appearance (vibrant colour, no separation and no froth).


All these factors make for a very different user experience compared to juicing at your own pace in your kitchen! A commercial juicer will need to meet a performance benchmark that satisfies all the considerations above.


Part Two: the Kuvings approach to commercial juicing


The Chef CS600 is the first juicer of its kind worldwide and is built from the ground up to meet the challenges of juicing in commercial environments. It shares some resemblance with the domestic models in the Kuvings range but stands alone as a true heavy-duty machine.

Here is how the Chef CS600 meets all the requirements outlined above:



The CS600 is designed with two feeding chutes: an extra-wide flip gate 88mm in diameter and a side feeding tube. The wide flip gate can take in entire ingredients like apples or tomatoes which speeds up prep and saves a lot of time. The side chute is specifically designed for long and thin pieces like cucumber, celery or carrot.

The smart cap on the juicing bowl is also a precious time-saver: by keeping it closed you can prevent spillages, and you can also do a quick rinse between recipes by pouring a jug of water into the juicer. This can eliminate the need to take the top-set apart as often for a more thorough clean.


Ease of use and safety

The Chef CS600 is easy to operate and will not require staff to go through extensive training. The On, Off and Reverse features are all activated by a single rocking switch at the back. The juicer assembles quickly and easily by matching the components' red dots together. To clean the juicer choose between a quick rinse with the smart cap closed, or take the top-set apart and clean it under water with the included rotating easy brush.

The CS600 is designed with a safety lock system: the juicer will only start if the base and the top-set are correctly assembled. The design of both feeding chutes ensures safe usage as hands are never at risk of coming near the juicing screw.



The Chef has upgraded parts (juicing screw, strainer and bowl) and its internal components are designed to withstand a higher demand of performance and output.

The stainless steel low speed motor is produced by Kuvings' own factory and is as powerful as an industrial-grade motor. It is capable of juicing very fibrous produce with only 50 RPM and its inbuilt cooling system with multiple ventilation channels give the motor increased durability.

The unique combination of good design and solid construction gives the Chef CS600 incredible performance: the motor is rated for 24 hours of continuousl usage (Kuvings does recommend clearing pulp and build-up in the juicing screen from time to time for maximum efficiency).

The CS600 can juice approximately 300 apples / hour, and depending on the produce its output can reach around 40 L of juice / hour (up to 60 L for watermelon).


Customer satisfaction

The CS600 is a cold-press juicer with masticating extraction technology patented in over 80 countries. It provides a higher yield of juice than centrifugal commercial juicers and can juice the greatest variety of produce, especially leafy greens and grasses.

The extra wide flip gate design doesn't just save time, it preserves maximum nutrition and taste as produce doesn't need to be cut and exposed to air before being fed through the juicer.

The juicing bowl is BPA-free for peace of mind, and keeping its smart cap closed ensures perfect mixing when making a mixed juice recipe.

The CS600 produces a juice with a rich taste and nutrient content, homogenised and stable without froth or separation. We trust it will satisfy every juicing enthusiast!


Part Three: is the CS600 right for my business?


The Chef CS600 is well suited to environments where juice is made in front of customers, as well as out of sight.

Its streamlined design and small footprint means it won't take up much counter space and it operates relatively quietly (40dB), making it suitable for preparing juice near customers.

We offer the option of a second top-set at a discounted price at the time of purchase. Our customers running busy cafés usually opt for this, so they can always have a clean top-set on hand and juice even more efficiently by swapping out a used top-set for a clean one, and cleaning the one that has been used without having to stop juicing.

For those running a juice bar where juices are sold already bottled a second top-set may also be useful, especially if you are making several recipes with very distinct taste profiles in large batches.


Part Four: the Chef CS600 at a glance


  • Winner of the 2017 iF Design Award

  • 88 mm wide feeding chute with flip gate

  • Juices all produce (stringy, soft, hard, fibrous, grasses) and can make nut milk

  • Stainless steel gearbox and chassis

  • BPA-free drum-set

  • Upgraded Ultem juicing screw (higher yield and longevity)

  • 40dB noise-reduction design which also minimises vibrations

  • Powerful low-speed 200 W motor

  • Dual safety system

  • Manufactured in Korea

  • Warranty: 5 year (Motor), 12 months (Parts and Labour)


Spare parts are available through special order by filling out this form.


Support and contact


Kuvings provides all commercial customers with complimentary after-sales service (this includes on-demand demos and training). If you want to make sure you are getting the most out of the CS600, don't hesitate to call on them!

As always, we are here to help so don’t hesitate to email or call us for further advice or questions.

All the best with your juicing business!

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