Best practice tips for making nut butter with a horizontal juicer

Author: Sabine Mordini-Pound  

If you've chosen a horizontal juicer it's likely because you want a multi-tasking appliance that can also help you prepare other foods in the kitchen (like pasta, breadsticks, frozen desserts, or nut butters which is what this article will focus on).



Before we start, we should point out that making nut butter is not a horizontal juicer's primary function and that the procedure is quite lengthy.

It can be satisfying to make your own cashew or almond butter at home, but this shouldn't be the primary reason you purchase a horizontal juicer (we'd probably recommend a high powered food processor if you wanted to make nut butter often).



This is one area where you can't cut corners, otherwise you won't get good results.

  • Nuts need to be soaked for 8 hours minimum - overnight for example.
  • Once they have been soaked, they need to be completely dried before you begin. You can do this by running them through a dehydrator, or if you don't have one an oven will do fine (keep the oven door open to make sure the nuts don't roast).
  • Drying is a very important step: if the nuts have any residual moisture left in them, the juicer won't grind them correctly and won't provide a good result.
  • Once the nuts are thoroughly dried, fit the 'blank' cone (sometimes called 'homogenising' cone) in your juicer and throw in about 3 to 4 nuts only down the chute. Repeat this 3 to 4 times before loading more nuts each time.

You will need to run your nut mixture several times (up to 7) through the juicer in order to create a satisfying texture.


What to expect

Home-made nut butter made with a horizontal juicer won't give you a paste-like texture like commercially-made nut butter. The texture will be a little more crumbly or in pieces.


If the texture is too crumbly, you can try adding a little oil while mashing the mixture with a fork.


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If you are still in the process of deciding which juicer is right for you, we recommend reading our thorough Juicer Buying Guide.

Let us know if you have any questions and don't hesitate to send us pictures of dishes you've made with your horizontal juicer!

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