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Decades of research leading to the first juicer of its kind

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Juicing for health

Angel juicers first came on the market in 1982 after the company’s CEO noticed an improvement in his health through an increased consumption of fresh produce, some of which he consumed in juice form. Through constant research and upgrades, Angel juicers became more and more efficient at extraction and the twin gear design was born, the first juicer of its kind in the world.


What is twin gear extraction?

Stainless Steel Twin Gears for the Angel Juicer


Unlike a centrifugal juicer which operates with a cutting disk or a masticating juicer which works with a single auger, a twin gear or triturating juicer crushes fruit and vegetables between two gears rotating inward.

The gears are part of a multi-stage juicing process which begins by constant pressure being applied to produce a smooth pulp. This pulp is then ground down which ensures a very high yield and produces the driest possible pulp.

The larger the gears and the closer together they are calibrated, the more juice and active nutrients will be extracted, even those locked deep within cellulose fibres.


Patented technology

The Angel Twin Gear Juicer was the first juicer of its kind worldwide, a technical innovation that its parent company patented both in Korea and across the world. Since its release in the 1980s, the Angel juicer has been constantly improved and upgraded.


What makes an Angel juicer different?

  • Materials: Angel juicers are the only models on the market to be built entirely out of medical-grade stainless steel. Some of the parts of the 8500 model are made of an even higher grade of steel (surgical-grade). Stainless steel is known for its durability, ability to withstand corrosion and antibacterial properties.

  • Construction: each Angel juicer is engineered with precision and hand-built in Korea.

  • Low RPM: Angel calibrates its juicers at 82 RPM, making them the slowest twin-gear juicers available. This low speed ensures very little heat or friction is produced during extraction, which increases the nutrient content of the juice by keeping more enzymes intact.

  • Handles all produce: the force output by the strong 3HP motor allows for easy juicing of a variety of textures: from hard to soft fruit, fibrous and stringy vegetables, to grasses and even pine needles - no pulp adjustment is necessary! The Angel’s performance is only comparable to the Norwalk Press, a much dearer juice extractor.

  • Safety features: the motor’s automatic thermostat and cooling system prevent overheating. Other features include anti-jam detection (with automatic reverse action on the 8500 model), as well as internal gear protection, double protection of main housing and motor, reinforcement of the switch panel, extra rocker switch, and anti-jamming system that self-regulates the speed when overloading.

  • Superior extraction: Angel juicers will extract up to 30% more juice than comparable twin gear juicers.


  Easy to use and clean

  Angels are easy to assemble and while in use they expel pulp as they are juicing, allowing continual juicing without   having to start and stop.

  Cleaning is very quick with only 4 components requiring proper cleaning with the included brush and scraper - this saves time, effort and water!

  Models currently available

  We stock the Angel 5500 and the 8500 (the latest model released).


Take a look at the table below comparing the two models: they have more similarities than differences but some of these may be key for you. You can also download the table in PDF-format here.


Model 5500 8500
Australian warranty 10 year (Motor), 1 year (Parts) 10 year (Motor), 1 year (Parts)
RPM 82 82
Feeding chute size 43 mm 43 mm
Power 150 W 150 W
What's Included Juicer, Wooden Pusher, Cleaning Brush, Screen Cleaning Knife, Power Cord, Juice Tub, Pulp Collector Juicer, Wooden Pusher, Cleaning Brush, Screen Cleaning Knife, Power Cord, Juice Tub, Pulp Collector
Features Stops when jamming is detected (the reverse action switch has to be turned on manually) Twin gears and extracting screen housing in 316-grade surgical steel, very recent release with improved design, reverse function engages automatically when jamming is detected
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Shipping Free standard delivery Free standard delivery


Optional attachments

A coarse attachment with larger holes is available for those who mostly juice soft fruit and vegetables such as citrus, pineapple, grapes, and berries. Angel juicers can juice all of these perfectly well but may take longer to do so with its standard screen.

The Nut Butter Attachment can turn an Angel juicer into a living food processor and make a variety of delicious and wholesome recipes such as nut milks, meat pâté, baby food, nut butters, tofu and frozen fruit sorbets and desserts.


Spare parts

We also stock a selection of Angel spare parts. Whether you want to replace something that came included with your juicer or are looking for a part that is a little more specialised, browse through spare parts here.



Angel juicers come with a 10 year Australian warranty (motor), 1 year (parts).

The service centre is located in Victoria and carries all parts.



As always don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions on the Angel range!